El Salvador!

Last year I started volunteering with a non-profit called Kids for the Kingdom that partners with indigenous teams around the world doing relief work and community development. 

Recently, I flew down to visit one of the teams in El Salvador and it was awesome. Not only was it a fun adventure, but it was also an opportunity to meet people like Carlos, the National Director for the country, and really experience his passion for God and people. I saw firsthand the programs that he is running which include: meals for the hungry, teaching for kids, a single mother's ministry, and more. I also got a better understanding of the issues that many Salvadorians face like extreme poverty and gang violence. 

Overall, I felt honored to be invited to El Salvador and I'm so glad I brought my camera—just look at all the great colors and textures!

Lastly, I came to the realization that pupusas and Coca Cola were made for each other :)