be thou my vision

I had the emmense privilege of helping my friend Char Brodersen with his recent record project. For this project, we went down to Coasta Mesa to record a few songs for a hymn album that he has been wanting to make for a while. This video is a glimpse into the making of one of those hymns. The aim of this project was to take a few ancient hymns and reinterpret them in an engaging and dynamic manner. A special thanks to Neil Godding for producing this album. Enjoy the following stills and watch the video already!

Yes that is an electric upright bass!


Check out the project on iTunes here.

fleet foxes

Got another video for you. This time is from a favorite band of mine, Fleet Foxes. I love that the footage in this is shot on with real film, not digital-trying-to-look-like-film. How can I tell? Look how unsharp the images are. Look at how saturated the colors are (without looking overdone). The result is footage that has an authentic look and feel; it's got character. It literally looks like it could be mistaken for something shot decades ago. Anyway, enough geeking out about the look of it... just watch it!

a glimpse of paris

A friend showed me this video recently where an artist turns a room into a giant projector. If that wasn't cool enough, it takes place in Paris so there is tons of cool architecture. 

This is basically how a pinhole camera works (the technical name is Camera Obscura).